Frequently Asked Questions

To save your time, here are answers to the frequently asked questions. If you still don't get an answer to a buzzing question in your head, ping us!


We cover a broad spectrum of niches including Essay, Research, Summary, Reaction Papers, Journal, Book Review, Synthesis, Review of the Literature, and everything that comes under the sun. We serve anything that relates to your academic papers, coursework, and assignments.

We lead an army of well-versed academic writers who are masters in their respective fields and have taught for several years in a well-recognized organization. They put in their experience and extensive knowledge into your assignment to make it capable of driving an "A" grade for you. The most noteworthy part about Affordable Assignments is that we have writers from all backgrounds and subjects. Either it is a basic school subject or a puzzling and tough research paper writing - we have writers to cater your all academic needs. No matter, whatever the course or subject is, we are always equipped with a pool of writers belonging to different niches consisting of Marketing, Management, Nursing, Programming, Engineering, Law and etc.


Yes, to provide a better experience to our esteemed clients, we connect the writer and the client so they can have transparent and more conforming communication which leads to better outcomes.

You can explain your brief to the writer itself and the writer can communicate their queries to you without any barrier.

We believe in transparency in communication and dealings so you have a clear idea about your order and what you should be expecting as a result.

The key to secure an "A" grade is all about following the guidelines and delivering exactly what your professor wants to see in your file. To deliver a clear mirror-reflection of the guidelines, we keep you connected with the writer. The key purpose of connecting both parties is to resolve any confusions that might be occurring during the assignment writing process.

However, to maintain the standards of communication and refrain from any mishap, inconvenience and conflicts, the conversations might be recorded and viewed at any time.


We have multiple packages designed varying one from another in regards to pricing and delivery time. Our standard assignment completion time falls around 3 to 4 days. But this might vary according to the length of your assignment, course type, and complexity of the guideline.

In case you opt for our express delivery package; our writer will revert to you as early as possible. Despite offering first priority to your assignment; we expect you to not have inhumane expectations like expecting us to deliver 10,000 words in 2 hours.

This is because besides offering a swift delivery we aim to maintain the quality standards too.

Express delivery is one of our premium services and might cost a little more but we guarantee you speedy assignment delivery that will for sure fetch an "A" grade and a lot of appreciation for you.

We charge a little extra for our premium services to provide a dose of motivation for the writers and refrain from the abundance of assignment help seekers.


Assignment writing demands a lot of time and effort. Due to end moment bow outs by the clients, writers suffer a huge loss in terms of hard work and payment. They have been fueling their days and nights for one single assignment. End moment backouts bring them to discouragement and loss of motivation to invest their energy and effort in assignments.

To ensure and refrain from any inconvenience, we take advance payments from the clients. However, the payments are with us and we do not forward them to the writers until the client is fully satisfied with our delivered assignment.

This step has been taken to secure the interest of our potential writers and keep them protected against any loss.

We confirm the order and provide a deadline after receiving an advance payment from our assignment help seeker.

However, in case of assignment failure, we do offer a money-back policy. But you will have to provide evidence of the failure to avail of the policy.


Our manifold recruitment process involves multiple steps to gauge a writer's skills. We handpick the assignment writers and evaluate them through multiple techniques in order to take them on board. The writers have to ace our challenging tests in order to prove their in-depth knowledge and expertise about the field.

We only hire writers that hold comprehensive experience in the assignment writing field, belong to a specific niche, and holds a Masters’ or Ph.D. degree in the relevant subject.

Our priority is given to the individuals who have been teaching in the reputable organization too, so they have a clear picture of what it takes to impress a professor via assignment.

Moreover, our clients are given leverage to choose their writers themselves by looking at the writer's success rate.

It takes a long process to evaluate a writer's skill so we ensure that our client's assignment hits the mark and brings them their desired results.


Adhering to stringent privacy policies is the basic and most important element of our role of conduct and ethics.

We keep your identity secured and none of our employees can have access to your personal data. We understand the intense trouble that can be caused to your academic career in case of mishaps with the details.

Apart from the identity, we aim to secure your bank details too. Our end-to-end encryption system doesn't make your bank details visible to us. The data is protected and encrypted so you do not have to worry about your information being exposed to a third party.

We also advise you not to share your personal details with the writers or assign tasks personally. If any writers ask you to do so, immediately report it to customer support. We compensate for any loss that occurs to you under our name. However, we won't be responsible in case of any damage caused to you by your personal terms with the writers.


Our adherence to professionals is the vital factor that sets us apart from the clutter. Unlike other companies, we do not promise moons and stars. We commit to what can be delivered, keeping quality scale aligned, and maintaining rock bottom pricing parameters.

Our top-notch expert writers own years of teaching experience in their relevant fields and none of them holds degrees below then Masters or Ph.D.

Precedence is given to the individuals who own a reputable degree along with assignment creation experience to ensure that they deliver a flawless assignment file, leaving an impressive impression on your professor and driving jaw-dropping marks for you.

Moreover, our strict privacy policies help us maintaining a systematic workflow. We do not tolerate any unprofessional behavior of writers. In case if they fail to meet the expectations of the client, we take no long to ban them from further providing any tasks.

We value your money and trust that you invest in us by hiring us to complete your assignments.


Our service encompasses of 3 steps. You place your order, make advance payment and wait until your assignment is delivered to you. During this process, you are linked with your assignment writer to clear out any inquiries regarding the brief. In this way, you also stay in the loop and have updates regarding the latest stage of the assignment.

Your conversation with the writer happens through a special channel that is accessible to Affordable Assignments. We do so to maintain service quality standards.

In case you are not satisfied with the received assignment, we can offer you a revision within a mutually decided period. However, the revision has to be claimed within 30 days.

Moreover, our live support is available 24 x 7 - so by this, you do not have to wait for hours and hours for receiving a reply.

The entire assignment writing process is executed systematically and in an organized way and this is what sets up apart from the clutter.